Here's a sampling of what people are saying about Bruce's Woodworks paint storage systems:

"The shelf arrived Thursday as you promised! I had it assembled and on the wall in about 30 minutes and loaded in another 20 minutes. I was then able to stand back and see all of my paint inventory, all in one place, and in order! The shelf is absolutely beautiful! It fits my requirements perfectly! You are wonderful! I LOVE IT!!! With everything so organized I was able to see the top of my work table and I couldn't resist working on one of my UFO projects. I managed to finish a Victorian box. One down and a bizillion more to go! Take care and thank you again for creating such a wonderful paint shelf. I will definitely be "spreading the word" about your wonderful product." Linda

"I have my paint rack all set up! I bought a rack much larger than I need right now...but I did that on purpose...cause I know that I will continue to buy paint so I figured it made no sense to buy a small one and then turn around and buy another one, so I bought the bigger one to start with! I love this rack! It is a great organizational tool!! I love the adjustable shelves! I did not paint or finish the rack - I had my husband put it up just as it was and I love it! It looks great on the wall!! I will be taking a picture of the rack and putting it on my website and spreading the word about your racks!" Jan

"Hi, Bruce! Can you believe it??? I've almost filled up the 600 unit paint rack!!! Did you get my order for the 200 unit rack???" Lena

"I've been hearing about your good work on two tole lists that I'm on. Whenever anyone starts talking about getting organized, your name always comes up for paint storage." Vicki

"Bruce, Received the painter's shelf...thanks! It is just wonderful...everything fits great. I'm sure many of my students will be anxious to order one for themselves! Thanks again." Dianne

"...Anyway -- The speed with which I was able to assemble your wonderful paint shelf had more to do with the product being extremely well prepared as well as having very well thought out instructions. I have been telling everyone how much I like the shelf and how easy it is to keep the paints organized with this system." Linda, Millbrae CA.

"Hi Bruce, Can't remember if I emailed you about the #600 unit or not. I LOVE IT! I'll probably have to order another in the future, to hold other brands ;-) Anyway, I'm telling everyone I know about how great the unit is! Thanks for a wonderful product that was easy to assemble and install." Mert

"Bruce, I received the remainder of the order. Thanks - They are a really quality product. It is nice to be organized for once in my life!" Gloria

"It's really a shame that more people don't buy your shelves. From what I see, they're Penny Wise and Pound Foolish. After the 2nd or 3rd paint carousel that they buy, you'd think they'd realize that they could buy one of your units for the same amount of money they keep 'throwing' out! Plus, there's no comparison on the quality and 'look' of the units! When my paint bottles start to multiply like bunnies, there's NO way that I'd even consider another type of unit. I just hold out to see how prolific these bottles are and then order one of your units. Any other is just a waste of money and only a Band-Aid to the situation." Lena